Internet post COVID

Internet capacity requirements and security issues skyrocketed for Australian businesses and those around the globe during the COVID-19 breakout.  The video discusses the 350% increase in DDoS attacks in...

DATE PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 2020

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Work From Home – COVID

iseek’s marketing consultant, Sarah Staerk Communications, conducted a case study on our transition from inner-city corporate office to a 100% work from home environment within a 24 hour period...

DATE PUBLISHED: Apr 29, 2020

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Gentlemen Driver

What is a Gentlemen Driver?  And does iseek’s CEO, Jason Gomersall fit the mould? Transcript: Jason Gomersall “Gentlemen Driver, that’s an interesting term isn’t it, the other term is...

DATE UPDATED: Mar 6, 2020

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Sponsor Ride Day

Tech people tend to love motorsport due to its highly technical nature. iseek CEO, Jason Gomersall explains the synergies between his co-ownership of Supercars team, Matt Stone Racing and...

DATE PUBLISHED: Feb 17, 2020

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Queensland Raceway

Two cars, two categories, one driver, one weekend – iseek CEO, Jason Gomersall discusses his super weekend of home-town racing at the last Australian Supercars Championship Ipswich race in...


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iseek and MSR

In early 2019, iseek CEO, Jason Gomersall purchased 50% co-ownership of Australian Supercars Championship team, Matt Stone Racing.  The video explains why he did so, the synergies between the...


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Engineering the perfect balance of technology and speed

In the world of Supercars, where every second counts, technology and speed are vital. The telemetry from Supercar to Engineering Crew has to be immediate, accurate and reliable. Using...

DATE PUBLISHED: Sep 12, 2018

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20th Anniversary Vodcast

August 2018 marks an important 20-year anniversary for Australian company iseek. Jason Gomersall, Founder and CEO, explains how the iseek philosophy has been pivotal in helping businesses grow. “The...

DATE PUBLISHED: Aug 13, 2018

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