Jason Gomersall
CEO & Managing Director
Nov 7, 2019

iseek and MSR

In early 2019, iseek CEO, Jason Gomersall purchased 50% co-ownership of Australian Supercars Championship team, Matt Stone Racing.  The video explains why he did so, the synergies between the two businesses and his long-term personal love of motor racing.


Jason Gomersall

“Well motorsport for me really started out as a hobby. Something I took up about 15 or 16 years ago.  

Early in 2019 I formalised co-ownership of Matt Sone Racing. It needed a new corporate structure, and it needed that investment to make a step-up.

From an iseek point of view we get involved with the on-track technology. The iseek data centre as we refer to it which is the telemetry and all the data acquisition tools that happened on track.

Then off track we are storing and archiving all of that data, that’s accumulated over a weekend in the iseek cloud in our data centres.

That’s extremely important to the team. That effectively is the intellectual property of a team.

Year on year as we go racing and you learn more and more about each track and about the car and then the different changes we make.  We’re recording that information for future use. So absolutely imperative to the race team.”

Sheldon Auhl (Data Engineer MSR):

“We get a-lot of data, video, excel sheets, etc.  They all need to be put somewhere so iseek supply us a cloud-based service where we can unload our data and then access at the track, if need be and keep them safe.” 

Frank Karlovecz (MSR Commercial Manager):

“We are very lucky to actually have such a close relationship with iseek through Jason Gomersall, their CEO. What he brings is a phenomenal amount of industry understanding and entrepreneurialism and his success as a CEO in his own right.

And building a business from scratch in iseek, which is today a leader in ICT technology, really helps us in so many different ways in both delivering a product to the track but also helping us from a corporate stakeholder management as well.

Jason brings enormous credibility, he is a business leader that is well respected across the Government and corporate.  For that, that is a really invaluable partner to have and now our boss.”

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