Jason Gomersall
CEO & Managing Director
Jul 25, 2016

iseek Communications launches new cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service

iseek Communications has launched a new cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) using Veeam Cloud Connect, offering customers a best-practice backup solution. iseek Communication’s new cloud backup solution enhances its iseek Cloud service, by adding disaster recovery capabilities that will get customers up and running again in minutes, with end-to-end security and seamless backup copy operation.

iseek Communications is a leading cloud, data centre and connectivity provider. iseek Cloud has been designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable, scalable and affordable enterprise class storage and server solutions.

The cloud backup service iseek Communications has harnessed through Veeam enables customers to manage different virtualised environments, reduce the strain on internal IT resources, minimise the risk of downtime and with the adoption of Disaster Recovery as-a-Service, make disaster recovery easier and more cost-effective.

Backups take place over an SSL-encrypted connection and cloud gateway. This means users can back up to the cloud and recover entire servers or individual data objects directly from the cloud without having to download large backup files.

Ian Porter, Chief Operating Officer at iseek Communications Australia said, “iseek Communications are very pleased to be joining the Veeam Cloud and Service Provider program as one of their largest providers in the Queensland market.

“We chose to partner with Veeam in order to provide our customers with an industry leading and reliable availability solution, including a secure and reliable hardware environment, which is fully managed and located in iseek’s Enterprise Class ISO 27001 accredited data centres.”

“It removes the added stress of having to physically maintain the environment, giving customers the peace of mind that their critical business information is safe and secure.”

“Our new cloud backup solution provides an end-to-end service, offering on-premises backup enabled by Veeam, and off-site backup and managed services provided by iseek Communications. Regardless of size or complexity, we want to be able deliver a flexible and functional solution for businesses, with the ability to rectify an issue or disaster in record time, whenever it might arise.”

Peter Bender, Head of Channel and Alliances for ANZ at Veeam, said, “Enterprises today bear no tolerance for downtime. Recovering after a disaster, whether that be a system failure or a natural disaster, can’t be allowed to take days or even hours. Inaccessibility to applications have severe implications for a business’s reputation and its very survival. Our partnership with iseek Communications ensures that in the event of an incident, no matter how big or small, total availability is only a few short minutes away.”

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