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Who cares about energy efficient data centres?

Allowing customers to backup and replicate data off-site, without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining off-site infrastructure, iseek’s Cloud Connect Backup Service simplifies our customers backup requirements.

Does your business have a Disaster Recovery plan?

Allowing customers to backup and replicate data off-site, without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining off-site infrastructure, iseek’s Cloud Connect Backup Service simplifies our customers backup requirements.

NetApp and iSeek: An Object Store is Born


iseek Communications launches new cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service

Allowing customers to backup and replicate data off-site, without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining off-site infrastructure, iseek’s Cloud Connect Backup Service simplifies our customers backup requirements.

ISO 27001 Certification

iseek Communications successfully expands ISO 27001 DC Certifications

iseek Communications is happy to announce the successful ISO 27001 certification of the Woolloongabba and Gore Hill Data Centres, in addition to its Eagle Farm Data Centre.

iseek in the fast lane to organic growth

JASON Gomersall is a man both in a hurry and devoted to the methodical path.

The hurry aspect comes as he climbs Bathurst’s Mount Panorama at 200km/h in a 500-plus horsepower Torana SLR 5000 looking for glory in the Touring Car Masters series, which celebrates the era of Alan Moffat, Colin Bond, Dick Johnson and Peter Brock.

Glory came for Mr Gomersall at Bathurst on Saturday with his first podium finish in the Touring Car Masters.

The methodical bit centres around Mr Gomersall running data centre and network services outfit iseek Communications where almost all the company’s double-digit growth is organic. He sees himself staying in control of the privately held operation for the next eight years.

iseek employs about 90 people and is tracking revenue north of $50 million.

The plan is to lift to $100m revenue within five years. “Keep in mind that’s with organic growth, we’ve never been keen on acquisitions,” Mr Gomersall says.

“I watched some players in the industry do things really, really well but there’s quite a few who have done it poorly.

“I’m not sure we would do acquisitions that well. We grew our top line 14 per cent this financial year and I think in the current climate that was a fantastic result. So as long as we can keep punching those numbers out (organic) is the best strategy.”

Thus far iseek operates in the Sydney and Brisbane data centre markets, with revenue split 50-50 between the two cities, but Mr Gomersall sees a lot more potential in the Sydney market.

As for racecars, he says it beats taking customers to golf days: “It’s not just about a sticker on the side of the car, it’s about bringing our customers closer to what is going on such as the technology involved. We don’t do golf days much and we stay away from fishing charters and rugby trips.”

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Brisbane Airport Corporation chooses iseek’s Eagle Farm data centre

iseek Communications, an enterprise-grade data centre provider, announced today it has signed an agreement with Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) for hosting and colocation services from its Eagle Farm data centre.

As Australia’s third largest airport hub operating 24 hours a day, BAC has been experiencing significant growth over the last couple of years with aircraft movements expected to reach over 205,000 per annum this financial year.  Brisbane Airport’s 29 airline partners carried over 21.6 million passengers in FY13.

BAC General Manager Assets, Krishan Tangri, said:  “We have been investing in the airport’s future and building infrastructure that is going to support continued expansion for both domestic and international travellers. A key part of that investment is ensuring that our IT infrastructure is secure, suffers no outages and has sufficient scalability to meet our ongoing requirements.”

BAC was exploring building its own data centre, but decided instead to talk to one of its prime tenants, iseek Communications.  In 2012, BAC’s property division BNE Property partnered with iseek to build a state-of-the-art data centre within the airport precinct.

“That data centre is the most architecturally significant and energy efficient data centre in Australia, setting a new industry standard by reducing its carbon footprint, power consumption and energy through design and technology innovations,” Mr Tangri said.  “We couldn’t have built a better data centre, so it seemed like a natural choice for us to now become a tenant of iseek.”

iseek Communication’s Northern Region General Manager, Chris Smith said: “Increasingly, IT organisations are changing from having an ‘own and control’ approach to their It assets to being much more focused on providing IT as a service for their internal customers.

“And we are absolutely delighted that BAC has decided to move into our facility where we will provide them with a number of benefits including 24/7 smart hands, redundant power, physical security, the ability to easily scale-up infrastructure, reduced costs and greater flexibility,” he said.

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About iseek Communications

iseek is a data communications services provider, recently opening its Sydney data centre in Gore Hill in addition to its three existing facilities in Brisbane.  The company runs its own national core MPLS network across Australia and peers with all the major carriers and infrastructure providers. In addition, iseek partners with major fibre, DSL, 3G and wireless providers to ensure the best product set is available at each site. This allows clients to take advantage of a truly flexible, resilient private IP network with dual tier-1 Internet access.

Data People chooses iseek Communications’ data centre to provide reliable network services for customers wanting to transition into the cloud

iseek Communications, an enterprise-grade data centre provider, announced today that it has signed Data People, an IT infrastructure provider, into its recently launched data centre on Sydney’s North Shore.

Data People offers IT infrastructure management and cloud services, helping customers transition into the cloud without the traditional challenges of moving to a cloud-based infrastructure. The company helps customers build a private cloud in their own data centre, host it outside their organisation or transition to a hybrid mixture of the two.

Data People chose iseek’s data centre in Gore Hill to provide cloud infrastructure to their customers.

“iseek allowed us to build national network infrastructure for our customers rapidly and easily at a competitive price,” said Data People’s Founder and Managing Director, Bill Bilalis.

“We had some real traffic issues with our previous providers and we just couldn’t guarantee our customers network speed. So, we started talking to other providers.

“We were in discussions with multiple carriers when we met iseek. Their ability to aggregate all these different carrier services and provide a single managed data network just made our life easy.

“The iseek network with its high SLAs lets us deliver the best service to our customers. One of our clients in the not-for-profit sector had issues with their previous carrier. They were consistently dropping traffic, and were left with outages on a service they were paying a premium for. With iseek, we can deliver something that makes their business work,” continued Bilalis.

Data People offers solutions primarily for mid-sized corporates, as well as for the education and not-for-profit sectors. Some of their customers include DP World Australia, Fantastic Furniture, Canteen Australia and University of New South Wales.

iseek Communication’s General Manager, Hugh Smith said: “Partnering up with Data People has given us the opportunity to provide reliable, secure hosting service to their clients, especially in the education sector where they are helping more and more institutions embrace cloud technology.”

CN Group selects iseek Communications for disaster recovery services as natural disasters take a toll on small to medium businesses (SMB)

CN Group, an IT  and cloud services provider, today said it had selected iseek Communications, an enterprise grade data centre provider, as its disaster recovery partner for small to medium customers following a series of natural disasters, including the floods in Queensland.

“Equipment you can easily replace, but data you can’t,” said Brian Pereira, CN Group’s Chief Executive Officer said.  “Many small businesses were housing their IT equipment in basements when the floods hit, and a lot of those customers lost everything.”

CN Group provides IT consulting, infrastructure management and cloud services for small, medium and large enterprises.  Mr Pereira said that the company was now experiencing strong interest from SMBs wanting to unlock the benefits of cloud and hosted infrastructure traditionally only available to big companies.

“The spate of natural disasters over the last couple of years has been an eye opener for SMBs all over Australia.  We had customers in Queensland with leaky roofs who lost everything overnight due to heavy rains. Worse, what they thought they had in terms of back-ups was also unusable or untested, putting their whole business at risk,” he said.

According to the Dept Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary, SMB’s make up 99% of the Australian businesses, with more than two million  small businesses employing 20 people or less. Yet most don’t have a back-up and recovery strategy, according to iseek Communication’s General Manager, Hugh Smith.

“SMBs, particularly those who may only need half a rack to run their IT systems, tend to be more reticent about data centre hosting and cloud-based services,” he said.  “However, recent events have started to shift attitudes, driving home the importance of having a disaster recovery strategy in place no matter how small your business is.”

Mr Pereira said: “SMBs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated about cloud offerings and the benefits of having their IT services hosted off-site, but too many are still putting their business at risk.”

CN Group chose iseek because of its modern, high density, secure facilities that are now ISO27001 accredited.  “iseek’s data centres are world-class, and with locations in both Sydney and Brisbane now, it suits our business model in terms of delivery and platform,” Mr Pereira said.

“From a value perspective, iseek is highly competitive which means we can pass on cost savings to our customers; and they offer diverse connectivity from the bigger carriers through to some of the more niche suppliers, which also gives us a great deal of flexibility.”