iseek Cloud Storage

  • Fixed Monthly Cost

    iseek Cloud Storage provides you a fixed monthly cost in $AUD, paying only for the iseek Cloud Storage capacity you have chosen. With no hidden usage charges for iseek connected customers, iseek Cloud Storage allows your business to forecast effectively.

  • Capacity on Demand

    iseek Cloud Storage provides an on demand model, reducing the cost of excess resources. With flexible configuration options, you can create an environment tailored to the requirement of your business applications.

  • No Network Traffic Costs

    Unlike many other Cloud Storage providers, iseek does not charge for the ingress or egress traffic to our storage platforms through the multiple protocols available. This means a predictive, no surprises, fixed monthly cost.

  • Increased Security

    Your iseek Cloud Storage service will reside in our own Tier 3, ISO27001, PCI (Standard 9) certified data centres located in Queensland to ensure data sovereignty, risk mitigation compliances and local support engineers.

  • Hosted on Industry Leading Platforms

    iseek Cloud Storage is hosted on multiple tier one industry leading platforms, granting peace of mind about the reliability and security of your Cloud Storage service.

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