With security and efficiency the number one priority, iseek offers a choice of cloud services, from private to hybrid solutions.

Our Cloud Service is Managed Locally

Managed locally, iseek’s secure cloud offering consisting of IaaS, cloud storage / archive storage solutions, FWaaS and DRaaS services.

Cloud Services Designed for Enterprise & Governments

Designed to deliver reliable, scalable and affordable business solutions, iseek’s private enterprise cloud has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for enterprise and Government workloads.

Local Professional Services

iseek customers have peace of mind knowing their entire Cloud solution can be hosted and managed locally, in Australia, by iseek or as part of your hybrid solution. iseek provides customised, reliable solutions, that maximise the benefits that Cloud computing can provide.

iseek’s private Cloud is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for Enterprise and Government workloads, and is guaranteed to deliver reliable, scalable and affordable business solutions.

iseek understands the increasing demands for delivering flexible IT performance whilst reducing IT expenditure. iseek can help your business manage its hardware footprint through our experienced people, innovation and technology solutions encompassing iseek Cloud, Data Centres and Connectivity.

Connectivity Services

  • National Data Networks
  • Carrier neutral
  • Scalable
  • Redundancy
  • DDoS protection with internet services
  • Connectivity to any Global location
  • Private networks
  • Internet services
  • Dedicated support
  • All connectivity mediums

Service Management

24/7 Support

Our trained experts are Australian-based and available for 24/7 Cloud support.

Cloud Monitoring and Alerting

iseek’s Cloud ecosystem delivers proactive monitoring and alerting of the Cloud platform. This enables our 24 * 7 support teams to proactively respond to any issue before it impacts the business.

Customer Portal

Our portal offers the following services:

  • Secure access to your Cloud solution
  • Logging and tracking requests and faults
  • Viewing Cloud reporting metrics
  • Managing account authorities

Object Based Storage

iseek’s Object Based Storage service delivers a secure cloud-based archiving and storage solution. Offering a range of popular Object Based Storage protocols, customers are able to use their existing storage, backup and archiving software solutions to securely transfer and store offsite data in a secure domestic data centre.

  • Supporting a range of industry standard protocols
  • Highly resistant architecture
  • iseek’s Object Store is supported by all-leading back up and archiving providers
Monthly Cost

Business Continuity

Server Backup
Cloud DR
as a Service
Storage Replication

iseeks Cloud Features

With various features including capacity on demand, IP network, design, support and fixed monthly rates, iseek’s innovative and proven Cloud options include:

Object Based Storage

Cloud Compute

Cloud Storage

Business Continuity

Cloud Networking

Service Management

Professional Services

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