With locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville, iseek data centres specialise in storing business-critical systems for a range of corporate, enterprise and government organisations.

Secure Locations

iseek offers you peace of mind in an ever-changing data landscape, allowing you to get on with the business of your business, while we ensure the long-term security of your infrastructure.

Our secure locations offer physical security at the site which is controlled using two-factor authentication, biometric readers and 24 hour camera surveillance.

Strategic Data Centre Design

The aspirating smoke detection and gas fire suppression systems protect your physical environment from the risk of fire.

Individual staging areas for equipment setup and disaster recovery allow a dedicated space for you and your team to work in normal or challenging situations.

With a strong environmental focus, iseek facilities utilise the latest innovations and strategic design to reduce power consumption and energy costs.

Enterprise Class Data Centres

iseek’s Enterprise Class Data Centres set award-winning standards in power efficiency and environmental sustainability, using strategic design and contemporary technologies to allow clients of all sizes to achieve their goals of reduced power wastage and lower energy footprints.

Business-Critical Infrastructure for your Data Centre

iseek’s Enterprise Class Data Centres are designed with a strong focus on continuous maintainability across our three, core service pillars of security, power and cooling.

The robust and redundant design of our Data Centres ensure that your business-critical infrastructure is not impacted during unforeseen weather events, power outages or even normal equipment maintenance.


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