iseek expands Brisbane data centre in response to increased demand

Construction has commenced on the expansion of iseek’s data centre in Brisbane, the company’s third facility in the Queensland capital.

The expansion comes as a result of a significant increase in demand from both the corporate and government sectors, including The Queensland Government’s recent appointment of iseek to its information and communication technologies (ICT) supplier panel for the provision of Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS), allowing iseek to provide data centre services to Queensland Government departments, agencies and government-owned corporations.

Founder and managing director of iseek, Jason Gomersall says in addition to government requirements, more and more corporate groups are now seeking external data hosting.

“There is a definite trend where businesses are moving away from hosting themselves, and instead moving their data offsite to a facility like ours,” Mr Gomersall said. “This increased demand has been growing for some time. In response, we are expanding our Brisbane data-centre.”

“The new facility will be Uptime Tier 4 certified in its design and built adjacent to an existing iseek data centre, a previous winner of Queensland Development of the Year, which has been described as “the most architecturally significant and energy efficient data centre in Australia”.

Engineering the perfect balance of technology and speed

In the world of Supercars, where every second counts, technology and speed are vital. The telemetry from Supercar to Engineering Crew has to be immediate, accurate and reliable. Using the measurements of car performance the engineers work closely with the drivers for that extra edge. Communicating seamlessly is a key factor which iseek manages on and off the track.

Supercar racer, Todd Hazelwood, says he relies on a lot of information “that gets fed live from the telemetry that we collect in the Supercar all the way back to our data management platform. That’s all provided from iseek.”

“There’s 160 sensors in the Supercar that collects data and it all gets transferred live,” explains Todd.

Wes McDougall, Racing Engineer says the telemetry “gives us all the information we need to know about Todd’s car when he’s out on the racetrack.” It’s beamed “back to us so we can see live what’s happening.

“We’ve got over 70 channels of information being fed back in real time. We can see every movement that Todd makes—including the steering wheel, brake pedal, throttle… As well as things like tyre pressures, engine temperatures, and critical information like fuel numbers which comes in handy during the races.”

Jason Gomersall, iseek Founder & CEO says racing is “about technology and it’s about speed—which is what iseek is about.” There’s a lot of iseek technology in the race team. “We use the iseek Cloud and a lot of technology we use at the racetrack is supported and built by iseek.

20th Anniversary Vodcast

August 2018 marks an important 20-year anniversary for Australian company iseek. Jason Gomersall, Founder and CEO, explains how the iseek philosophy has been pivotal in helping businesses grow.

“The secret to longevity is customer service. We put the customer front and centre of everything we do. We want the best business services every day for them. It’s in our product offerings, our technical support, our local Network Operations Centre. It’s a solid concept, relevant and appealing to customers,” says Jason.

The 20th anniversary is a testament to iseek’s reliability within the enterprise and government space for Data Centres, Cloud and Connectivity.