EMBARGO PERIOD: Monday 18th of December 2017 to Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 Inclusive

This notice is to advise you of iseek’s embargo over the holiday period.

There will be an embargo of all iseek services, planned works and platform changes over the holiday period. During this time no hardware or software upgrades will be permitted to take place on any core or distribution networks and other customer facing IT platforms.

The following is a guide to restricted events and services that will not take place during this period:

  • Scheduled maintenance activities

  • Core network changes

  • Additional cabinet installations

  • Cabling and underfloor works

  • Power connectivity work

  • Provisioning of new services

iseek Cloud services will be available for provisioning during this period on an exception basis only.

Impact on the Provisioning of New Services

To ensure the timely delivery of critical services prior to the embargo, please ensure that orders are placed well in advance of the required delivery date.

Orders placed with iseek prior to Monday the 11th December 2017 will proceed as far as possible. However, depending upon the network components and upstream carrier services required for these orders, service completion may not occur until after the embargo period end date of Tuesday the 2nd January 2018. Please note that all carriers will also have embargo periods, each of which will differ.

All fault restoration activities are exempt from the embargo period.

If you would like further clarification about the network or data centre embargo periods, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Engineer.

All of your existing iseek Communications services will continue to be supported by our 24x7x365 NOC on 1300 661 668, or support@iseek.com.au